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mercredi, 15 octobre 2014

fxguide and deep data

fxguide_tn.pngAs you might know, I work mainly on animated features. I am often involved with productions and RnD departments to talk about incoming challenges, in particular on the lighting side.

There are many situations where peoples argue how deep comp is canonical now and how it will change the face of the CGI... I'm often arguing it's not a "tiny" feature and, while it can be useful "sometime", it creates more troubles than it solve in practice, specially if its use is generalized (and on a animated feature you often need to "over-generalize" uses). Doing so, I'm facing to a lot of "What? But fxguide state a lot of animation studios use it! Dreamworks, Disney, etc...". :tuComprendRien:

I will not argue on the fact the projects I have to deal with are not running in such studios. I will not even argue about the actual budget compared to big production ones. I will simply quote something fxguide report and pray the various supervisors I have the opportunity to worked with will take this in consideration.

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