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CG lover, especially rendering and all matters relating tools and workflow (pipeline).

I have a pragmatic temperament and technical mind, I understand and anticipate things quickly. I had the opportunity to go through different kinds of structure which gave me a wide view of production (commercials, feature films, etc. ...).

I like working with other people, looking for simple solutions to complex problems, thinking about implications each decision has and adapt my methods accordingly.


yesir.png Depending on the size of the structure, I will wish supervise projects entirety and/or rendering.

The idea is to put my experience to the service of productions and provide technical resources to people so they can work peacefully.



Sit down!
  • Technique Supervising/Rendering TD
  • Pro-active approach (solve problems before they happen)
  • Understand how render engines works and adapt them for specific production
  • Great sens of improvisation
  • Automating Tasks/Workflow
  • Protocol simplification for CG artists (Tools, information exchange, data exchange, etc ...)
  • Detection and prevention of bottlenecks related to production decisions
  • Technology watch (softwares, methods, science, etc...)
  • Etc...
  • Maya
  • Vray
  • Arnold
  • Renderman
  • Guerilla
  • Mental Ray
  • Nuke
  • Smedge
  • Shotgun
  • Houdini (learning)
  • Python
  • C++
  • C



I've lost three renderfarms that day...
September 2011 - April 2013 (1 year and 8 months)

Pipeline/Lighting TD - Illumination Mac Guff

- Feature film: "Despicable Me 2" from Chris Renaud and Pierre Coffin.
- Feature film: "Le Lorax" from Chris Renaud.
- In house render engine support (MGLR/Symbor). Scene debugging, study, PTC optimizations, etc...
- Compositing pipeline. Network load study, profiling, etc...
- RVPlap a tool in PyQt4 for Previz, Layout and Animators used to quickly visualize and order every production movie.

August 2011 (1 month)

Lighting TD - Duran Duboi

- Feature film: "La soif noire" from Jean Jacques Annaud.
- V-Ray rendering. Crowds integration using vrmeshes and user attributes.

July 2010 - May 2011 (11 months)

Pipeline TD - Duran Duboi

- Feature film: "La Mécanique du Cœur" (RnD Department).
- Pipeline/Support for Modeling, Mapping and Camap departments.
- Tools for pipeline simplification for artists.
- Dataflow visualisation (graph).
- Python, MEL, PyQT4, Renderman...
- API for Home made dispatcher (Puli, an Alfred-like).

Juin 2010 (A week)

Maya TD - Mac Guff

- Rendering passes for the relief version of "The tails of the night".

January 2009 - June 2010 (One year and a half)

Maya TD - Nord-Ouest

- Technical supervision (Maya, Mental Ray) and pipeline (Python, MEL, etc...) on the Michel Ocelot production: "The tails of the night".
- Ten films (13 mins each) of around 250 shots in a very specific artistic style.
- The production pipeline has been made from scratch. (Non-exhaustive list of script created for this project: Layout scene generator, characters panel, folders deployment, mass renamer, Maya scene publisher, render locker, vextex baking, frame checker, CGFX shaders, etc...).

June 2008 - January 2009 (8 month)

Maya TD - Def2shoot

- Maya TD for the french part of the feature film: YonaYona Penguin.
(Python and MEL, rigging optimization, mental ray render automatisation, handle technical prob related to Maya, etc...).

May 2008 (1 mois)

Render and Compositing - Digitaline

"Les Tours Wilmotte" (For Paris - La Defense): Mental Ray render and After Effect Compositing.

February 2008 - Mai 2008 (4 month)

CG Artist - Le Pivot

- In the french team for communication (with Def2shoot studio) for the feature film: Yona Yona Penguin (For MadHouse)
- CG Artist on Toray
- CG Artist on PSST3

January 2008 (1 month)

CG Artist - Forêt Bleue

  • Maya - Renderman (Shading, Lighting etc...)

- Spot Espace Vision (Renault)
- Spots One TV

July 2007 - December 2007 (6 month)

CG Artist - XD Productions

  • Embedding 3d objects in shooting real and full 3d shoot for the french tv program "Science On Tourne".
September 2006 - October 2006 (2 month)

CG Artist - Polymorph Software



  • SupInfograph ESRA Bretagne 2004 - 2007 (3 years)

Three animation films (one by year) and some exercices. Each film has been major of promotion. The last (Mauvais Rôle) has been jury award winner at Siggraph 2008.

  • BAC STI Electrotechnique


  • Programing in general (I know, it make a little nerd...)
  • Blog (I love to share my knowledges and I've learn so much on the web it makes sense to return the favor)
  • Hack console (It's more a fascination to see, and mostly understand, how crafty guys arrive to execute the code they want on very closed systems. It break a lot the "magic" side of computers and electronic systems in general).